Clinique de Massothérapie et de santé globale d'Aylmer
-Sylvie Friedlander-

Massothérapie, naturothérapie et coaching de vie
7 rue Riopelle, 
 819 557 1949 - [email protected] 

You are welcome at the massage therapy and global health clinic of Aylmer!


At Energie vitale, we propose an approach based on a therapeutic synergy combining occidental massage therapy, Asian manual techniques, mind-body therapies and coaching to contribute to all aspects of your health, your well-being as well as to your 

personal, emotional and professional development.

This global approach has several components of so-called "soft" or "alternative" medicines. Dealing with emotions as much as the body, it allowes you to access a conscious balance of your physical being as well as your psychological being.

Our workshops offer you a seamless approach to your body and emotions, in small groups and in all conviviality.

Specialized massage therapy

Whatever your physical and emotional conditions, our therapeutic synergy program aims at balancing your vital energy, 

key master of your harmony and your health.

Combining several massage and care techniques, it promotes better management of each problem, with the aim of optimizing 

the results during each session and follow-up.

Mind-body therapies

They work on the body to soothe the evils of the spirit and release the most hidden emotions. Alternating verbalisation of feeling and body work (relaxation, release of emotions, therapeutic massage), I propose to reconnect with the importance of physical contact 

to decrypt messages somatization.

These therapies improve the quality of your sleep and allow better management of your stress and difficult events in your life.