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Massages throughout of pregnancy

Back pain, heavy legs, weight gain, difficult sleep, mood swings ...

Pregnancy can be challenging for expectant mothers, both physically only morally.

Accompanying the upheavals they will experience for 9 months, prenatal massage brings a real wellness by harmonizing the body and mind.

The massage also helps regulate the nervous system and helps to establish a first contact with the baby.

Between the 4th and the end of the 8th month of pregnancy, the specific massage for pregnant women provides the greatest good for future mothers!

Massages for babies and children

Like most adult massages, massages for babies and children alleviates pain, tension and has a therapeutic purpose.

Certain techniques make it possible to attenuate in particular the pain of colic of newborns, and later, those of dental flares, growth, school fatigue ...

Massage is also an opportunity to provide well-being, discover another form of communication.

The skin of babies is their main sensory organ. The massage allows them to become aware of their own body and helps to reduce their stress.

For children, massage is not only soothing, it promotes their physical development, sensory and emotional.

Massages as you get older

As you get older, you feel your body becoming more fragile.

Massage brings many health benefits, both physical and mental.

As you get older, physical contact is sometimes more rare. This touch of the hand, during a massage, is all the more essential as it brings a soothing well-being and helps to alleviate the small pains related to aging of the body.

I propose techniques all smoothly, adapted to your morphology, your modesty, your stiffness, your pace, joint pain related to your particular condition, certain movements and positions.