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Shiatsu massage at Energie vitale

Shiatsu massage is a Japanese variant of energy massages practiced in Chinese medicine.

It is preferentially done on soft and ground clothes but, according to your preferences, we can offer it on the table.

Whatever the modalities, this massage bring you health, comfort and balance.

Indeed, the benefits of a Shiatsu care are as much physical as psychological 

and act as much on the curative as preventive.

 The therapeutic synergy proposed allows to combine various techniques that affect your overall health.

Shiatsu massage helps to:

Balancing vital energy

Strengthen the immune system

Balancing the endocrine system

Eliminate toxins

Relieve chronic pain, acute pain

Increase blood and lymphatic circulation

Repair injuries and trauma

Relieving digestive disorders and organic pain

Improve the management of fatigue, stress, tensions

Alleviate sleep disorders, headaches and migraines,

Rebuild body perception

Promote rest, calm, relaxation ...