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The Tui Na at Energie vitale

An Mo Tui Na or massage Tui Na (Tui "push" and Na "grab")

is a manual therapy that is an integral part of Chinese medicine. She uses the principles of Chinese medicine and martial arts 

to treat a large number of acute or chronic physical conditions.

The Tui Na acts at the physical level, on the soft tissues and the joints, on the energetic level, on the vital energy which circulates in the meridians and on the psychic and emotional level.

Thanks to the effectiveness and precision of its many techniques, Tui Na eliminates blockages, increases vitality and stimulates the self-healing abilities of the body, both in adults and children.

During a treatment, I will use a wide variety of techniques such as pulls, stretching, pressure, mobilizations and massages to act on the good functioning of your joints, your nervous system, your muscles and your internal organs.

This technique is a good alternative or a good complement to needle treatments!

The therapeutic synergy proposed allows to combine various techniques that affect your overall health.

Tui Na massages help to:

Balancing vital energy

Strengthen the immune system

Balancing the endocrine system

Eliminate toxins

Relieve chronic pain, acute pain

Increase blood and lymphatic circulation

Repair injuries and trauma

Relieving digestive disorders and organic pain

Improve the management of fatigue, stress, tensions

Alleviate sleep disorders, headaches and migraines,

Rebuild body perception

Promote rest, calm, relaxation ...