Energie vitale
       Sylvie Friedlander

 7 rue Riopelle, Aylmer - 33 rue Principale, Aylmer
 819 557 1949




The benefits of conscious and deep breathing are infinite.

Come discover a fundamental tool that will help you let go, regain serenity, arm yourself to better live the daily situations!

Gentle, with massages, pressure points and reflex zone stimulation, this workshop invites you to discover the energy dysfunctions that can be registered in your body.

You will learn to relieve your tensions, soothe your nervous system and harmonize the circulation of your vital energy.

You are sometimes confronted in your personal, family, professional life, with different sources of stress without being able to find in you all the resources that would allow you to face it.

This workshop will allow you to identify the stressful situations of your daily life, to discover methods to take a step back and better live these situations and make your body your best ally for a return to balance.